What’s New in HashPhotos ver 3.9.3

Support Windows for importing/exporting photos/videos

Transferring photos and videos between iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC is easier than ever!

– Send to Mac and Import from Mac(Wi-Fi) functions are now Send to Mac/PC, Import from Mac/PC(Wi-Fi)

– “Import via iTunes File Sharing” function now supports video.

See guide for transferring photos/videos

Download HashPhotos Transfer for Mac/PC


Not operator added for search

Not operator “!” added for advanced search

!#tag: not tagged
!#inalbum: not in album
!family: doesn’t have tag “family”


Display album titles a photo assigned

If you wonder a photo is assigned to any album, turn on this option.
Options > Viewer > Assigned Album Titles

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

Transferring photos/videos from iPhone/iPad to Mac is more difficult than we think.
Air Drop was introduced in iOS 7 and it has been very useful to transfer photos.
But it’s not powerful enough to manage photos/videos.

Here is the easiest and fastest way to transfer photos/videos from iPhone/iPad to Mac.

  1. Run HashPhotos Transfer on Mac.
  2. Select photos/videos in HashPhotos
  3. Run “Send to Mac” and  tap “Send” button.


HashPhotos Transfer connected screen on Mac.

Transferred photos can be organized the way you want to be with various options.

HashPhotos Transfer Options