What’s new in HashPhotos ver 3.9.6

Album title on thumbnails

Album Title on Thumbnail

#nearby, #inalbum: predefined tags

nearby predefined tag inalbum predefined tag

Prevent auto lock option in viewer

disable auto lock in viewer

Hide private albums option

Hide private albums

“Add to Album” action in viewer

Add to album in viewer

Support “Animated” album in iOS11

Animated album on iOS11

Swipe down info view area to close info view

Fixed bugs


  1. Showing the album title on the thumbnail is absolutely brilliant!!! You’re one of the finest iOS app developers out of 2000 apps I’ve used! And I also worked in the iOS app industry previously too for a successful app with 10 people on the team. This is just top notch software!

    1. You can import iptc keywords in HashPhotos > Settings > Data > Import IPTC keywords.
      Tags added in HashPhotos cannot be read in Photos app. It would be really great if it can be done.
      But iOS doesn’t allow to write to a photo file freely. I also really hope Apple allows to manage tags for photos.

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