Manage annoying albums created by apps in iOS: Move into a folder

If you are playing with many photo/video apps there might be many albums created by those apps.
Mostly they are created even though you don’t want it.

You can put those annoying albums in

to a folder with HashPhotos.
HashPhotos supports folder management for albums which is not supported in iOS Photos app.

Of course you can use this folder management function to organize your other albums too.
All these organized folders/albums will be applied in iOS Photos app. If you are using iCloud Photo Library, all devices synced also will have same organized folders and albums!



  1. Whoa!! This is such a brilliant use case. Love the YouTube demo. I always found those app folders annoying, now I might do this very thing.

    Is there any risk to using photo album folders? It concerns me that native Photos app doesn’t support that. If I use a 3rd party app later and try to access photos in a sub folder, is there any chance certain apps will fail to display the folders?

    1. Album folders are supported in native Photos app too. Just it doesn’t have a UI to create and manage. Photos app on Mac has a function creating/managing album folders just like HashPhotos and they can be synced via iCloud Photo Library.
      So there is no risk to use album folders.

      Some apps may show albums not in folder but all albums can be accessible from all apps.

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